Golf Course Design Overview

Hale Irwin founded Hale Irwin Golf Design in 1986.  Today he and his son Steve are actively involved in the design business with over 25 courses in their portfolio, many of which have won numerous awards.  Benefiting from Hale’s 40 year career at the pinnacle of the sport and Steve’s comprehensive knowledge of the game and business of golf, the Irwin’s utilize a design style that fits the heritage of the land they work with, and has an uncompromised attention to detail.  They strive to create golf courses and golf experiences that will stand the test of time and that all parties involved can be proud to say they helped create.

Hale Irwin Golf Design starts a design process by asking two questions.  What are the client’s goals and how can we surpass them?   We don’t build cookie cutter designs.  No project or piece of property is like another so we take the time to learn everything about our clients, the project and the land in order to define the enduring objectives for the project. Our first step is to get to know the clients and understand their preferences and goals. We then plan the design with an emphasis on working with what the land gives us and creating an experience which is in harmony with the project and owner’s goals.  Ultimately, a great golf course is distinguished by its detail. We commit to spending time to make sure the finishing touches…the details, are right.  We do fewer projects and do them well, and become intimately involved, instead of merely showing up for a ribbon cutting.  We firmly believe that designing a golf course is not about building a monument to yourself, it is about doing what is right for the project, right for the land, and right for the game of golf.

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Hale Irwin